An expert water chemist in your pocket!

Our  technology is as powerful as it is simple:


     1. Connect to the device

     2. Collect and test your water

     3. Read your full report!

Unlike any of the current commercially available water tests, the AWT test gives in minutes a full quantitative report along with expert advice from us water nerds. The full report includes a summary of the results paired with an analysis and interpretation with information such as accepted thresholds for specific contaminants and relevant information about them.


Based on the results, we make suggestions and guide you to make a comprehensive analysis of your water which then allows you to make informed decisions. That is, you get an expert water chemist in your pocket! If appropriate, we also suggest remediation steps as well as the right type of filter for your specific needs.


With our ever-growing network of water-solution partners, we are able to inform you about your best local water filtration company, relevant agencies to speak to, and other relevant resources.

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