Using our Technology to Ensure Everyone's Water Safety

Water is essential for life and as such, water safety is not only a matter of chemistry but above all it is about human and environmental rights as well as social justice. ​At Advanced Water Testing we work hard every day to bring our technology to every corner of the world to ensure that no person, animal, or tree is affected by poor water quality.


A large part of our efforts is in data collection and usage. With our device, we are able to monitor, in real time, water at the tap virtually anywhere helping us prevent catastrophes such as the ongoing Flint, Michigan water crisis. With already existing databases and our ever-increasing body of data, we are able to inform local agencies such as governments, environmental agencies, and even human-rights groups about potentially dangerous water issues. But none of this is possible with your collaboration: by using our device, you are contributing to your and your neighbors' water quality, because safe water is everyone's right.  

Disclaimer: This map is for illustrative purposes only and designed to be a representation of the general idea of the proposed tool. Attributes at any particular location do no represent real water testing results. 

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