What's really in your water?

Safe Drinking Water: A Latent Global Crisis

Recent events such as the ongoing Flint, Michigan water crisis, and the gained attention to infant lead exposure after the Notre Dame fire, are just a few known instances of large-scale water quality issues. But these cases, far from being isolated, are just examples of what can be happening right now in your city, without anyone even suspecting about it. Even the healthiest person can fall victim to the silent killer water pollution is.

"Even though water and sanitation access rates are generally higher in urban areas than rural, planning and infrastructure have been unable to keep pace in many regions. Today, 700 million urbanites live without improved sanitation, contributing to poor health conditions and heavy pollution loads in wastewater, and 156 million live without improved water sources."

(UN Water)



Constant monitoring is crucial to ensure proper water safety. Nonetheless, water is very rarely monitored before travelling long distances in pipes to reach your tap. Variables such as temperature, season, amount of dissolved minerals (like road salt during winter) can change the quality of water dramatically coming from the same tap, on the same day. Rapid urbanization and industrialization have put enormous pressure on water systems which often fail to meet adequate safety standards for human consumption.

There has not been a commercially available tool for water monitoring at the household tap that actually meets the needs of the users. This is why at Advanced Water Testing we started working towards making a revolutionary water-quality tester using cutting-edge electrochemistry technology that can be used at home to bring peace of mind to your household and to avoid future water quality crises.


With ever-increasing levels of environmental awareness in the light of Flint, Michigan's water crisis, the demand for water-safety tests has risen dramatically, most notably for lead. Lead is an extremely toxic metal present in house pipes used in homes built earlier than 1986 (about 55% of all US homes) and with an estimated of upwards of 18 Million people in the US alone at risk  (2015, NRDC).

The current options to determine lead in drinking water are very limited. Advanced Water Testing is working toward a tool that would allow anyone, anywhere to test their water easily, quickly, accurately, and affordably. No one should ever have to wonder if the water they are drinking is unsafe. 

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